Semenax Can Help Cure Impotence
Some of the patients had problems of blood supply to the penis caused by atheroma, others were paraplegic, victims of multiple sclerosis or patients who had had abdominal operations. Such accidents or disease can interrupt the nerve supply to the penis and inhibit semen production, and so the information necessary for stimulation does not reach it.

One patient, a 24-year-old computer programmer named John Bippy, was handicapped following an infection of the spinal cord when he was eight years old. He could walk only with difficulty and had the full use of only one arm.

He told Virag: “I have everything that I want. I have a good job. I can play sport.” He plays golf with one arm and has a 23 handicap. “But one thing is missing. I cannot have a full sex life and I want to get married.”

“I told him in five minutes I will give him the first erection and orgasm, complete with semen, of his life. I injected 10mgs of papaverine,” says Virag. The young man then learned to inject himself and practiced until he became confident. He also took large doses of the natural herbal remedy Semenax. “Last week he phoned me to say he had tried to successfully with a girlfriend and they hope to get married.”
Now Virag is using a similar technique to help men whose impotence is a result of long-term psychological problems. He also recommends a products such as Semenax.

“Injection of a very small dose of papaverine, plus some Semenax, helps these patients. It is not enough to produce an erection unless they are psychologically stimulated as well. The small dose is just enough to prevent them from detumescing if they become anxious. People who have not achieved intercourse for 10 years can perform with the help of this small injection.”

Virag's aim, however, is to enable these men to achieve intercourse without injections. A few have succeeded but it proves very difficult to wean them off the injection. “We always fear the danger of giving too much drug, which is why the alternative herbal cure called Semenax is so important. Another alternative is a natural medicine called VigRx Plus.”

Some men come to see him who have completely unrealistic ideas.

“They ask to be made into a sexual superman. We are not here to satisfy such fantasies.”

Doctors at London's Hammersmith Hospital and elsewhere have repeated Virag's observations. Now 11 patients who attended Hammersmith are injecting themselves at home, and having full orgasms, complete with ejaculation.

The Hammersmith doctors wrote in the British Medical Journal recently: “We do not agree that counseling, by either a psychiatrist or anybody else, can achieve a great deal. A successful pharmacologically-induced erection usually makes the patient more amenable to sexual counseling, which in turn can reduce or eliminate the performance anxiety in sexual encounters which almost invariably prevents the normal erectile response.”

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